April 2013: Energy Diaspora: Desires and Destination

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The oil and gas industry is unrivaled for international mobility and professionals skilled in the field understand career opportunities don’t stop at their home market. Even though the energy industry is global and the desire to work overseas is a big attraction to many, the professional scatter is distinctly different, according to more than 25,000 oil and gas professionals who shared their citizenship and work region with Rigzone during the past year.

Take the disparity between two technically advanced regions – the U.S. and the U.K. Nearly nine out of ten (89%) U.S. citizens working in oil and gas toil in North America, as compared to about half (51%) of U.K. citizens that work in Europe. That’s despite U.S. oil and gas pros ranking the “opportunity to work overseas” higher than their U.K. counterparts, as a major incentive to stay with their current employer, when faced with other favorable offers.

2013-04 Worldwide OpportunitiesThe market is there for talent to think about new, international opportunities. We frequently see job postings on Rigzone that state Gulf of Mexico or North Sea experience welcome. But, right now it appears for U.S. energy professionals the better career opportunities are closer to home.

While the U.S. has the highest percentage of energy pros in market, Nigeria ranks second, with 78 percent of its citizens employed in oil and gas working in Africa. That’s followed by Australian-citizens where more than three-quarters (76%) choose to work close to home.

On the flip side, more than half (52%) of India’s energy professionals work in the Middle East, as compared to just 12 percent who work in Southern Asia. Likewise, more French citizens (41%) are working in the African energy patch, than toiling in Europe (27%).

Regardless of what sparks change – better career opportunities, more work-life balance, increased compensation – a number of energy professionals are not tied to a particular geography. The desires and destinations may be different, but for those companies who actively highlight opportunities for a global career, they may find a decided edge on the competition.

Paul Caplan
President, Rigzone

*New jobs posted on Rigzone.com during the previous month.

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