July 2013: Drillers: Mind the Gap

2013-07 new jobsIf there’s ever an industry that likes a gap, it’s oil and gas.  Employment gaps should be no different, as long as the divergence is recognized early and the resulting opportunity is acted upon.    

Let’s take the case of new jobs posted on Rigzone in the previous month.  The top categories were Drilling, Management/Support, Design Engineering/FEED, General Engineering and Science and Petroleum Engineering.   At the same time, U.S. hiring managers told us exactly which new jobs they were recruiting to fill in the second half of the year. 

In most cases recruiting activity, based on new job postings, reflects hiring managers’ anticipated needs, with four of the top five categories aligned.  Where’s the gap?  Drilling.  U.S. hiring managers didn’t anticipate recruiting drilling talent in substantial numbers, as compared to the more than 1,000 new drilling jobs posted on Rigzone in June.

In that category, the top positions had eight percent of hiring managers anticipate recruiting Drilling Superintendents and Drillers, while seven percent need Floorhands.  Compare those results to the management/support top three positions, which had a similar number of job postings, 17 percent of hiring managers need accounting or finance talent while another 10 percent each are seeking HR, sales and marketing talent. 

It’s likely the gap can be explained by the opportunity.  Right now, the rig count is growing in  Asia-Pacific, Africa and Europe, while falling in the U.S.  In a global industry, geography may vary, but opportunity exists. 

For the top three new positions U.S. hiring managers are currently recruiting for by 14 job categories, visit here.   

Paul Caplan
President, Rigzone

 2013-07 worldwide opportunities

*New jobs posted on Rigzone.com during the previous month