Rigzone Announces 2015 Q3 Global Hiring Survey Results

HOUSTON, Nov. 9, 2015 /PRNewswire/ — Rigzone announced today the results from its most recent global surveys, which comprise two surveys: one for hiring managers and recruiters, and one for job seekers.  Overall, the results indicate that a company’s digital hiring strategy will be critical for attracting young talent, and that companies must embrace the role mobile devices and social media play in a candidate’s job search journey.

Rigzone’s survey of 449 global job seekers shows that 97% of those surveyed were actively seeking a new job, regardless of whether they were currently employed or not. A prominent key finding is that 66% of the respondents are not considering leaving the oil and gas industry; a finding which highlights this group’s loyalty to the industry, though not necessarily to the company for which they work.

Forty-six percent of job seekers polled stated that industry-specific job boards were most valuable in their job search, followed by employer websites. Rigzone’s own mobile app saw 18,164 new users in Q3, results that are inline for an industry in which mobile devices are rapidly becoming the primary device for finding information and conducting online searches.

Rigzone’s survey of 279 global hiring managers and recruiters showed that 69% of those surveyed find posting open positions on job boards to be an effective method of attracting millennial candidates. Seventy-four percent of hiring managers surveyed find social media to be an effective method of attracting millennial candidates. Survey results continue to show that the drop in oil prices is affecting hiring plans, with 49% of hiring managers surveyed stating they will be hiring less than last quarter, and 21% stating they are not hiring for any new positions. Additionally, 65% of hiring managers surveyed believe that layoffs are likely in the next six months at their organizations.

“This quarter’s survey results, though not entirely positive, are not unexpected,” said James Bennett, President of Rigzone. “Despite the industry downtown, it is important for recruiters and hiring managers to continue looking for new talent to bring into their organizations. Knowing what job seekers are looking for in a new employer, as well as where they are going to learn about open positions, is crucial for organizations looking to prepare themselves for the industry recovery.”

When Rigzone’s pool of respondents were asked what was most important to them in a new employer, workplace safety was the number one answer, followed by strong leadership, compensation, opportunities for advancement and challenging projects.

About the Surveys

From September 10, 2015, to October 9, 2015, Rigzone issued a survey for global oil and gas job seekers. Rigzone also issued a survey from September 10, 2015, to October 5, 2015, to hiring managers and recruiters who recruit oil and gas professionals across the globe — covering upstream, downstream, corporate and college recruiting.

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